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Hours: Dinner: seven days
Open late: Friday & Saturday till midnight, Tuesday-Thursday till 11

Price: $$$$

Giuseppe Tentori and Boka Restaurant Group redefine the steak house.

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Traditionally, the classic American steak house has been the restaurant of American individualism, or perhaps selfishness. You may share that shrimp cocktail appetizer, or the side of creamed spinach, with your boys in flannel suits, but when it comes down to the main attraction, what's mine is mine, and what's yours is yours. Keep your paws off my T-bone, dog, or I'll go for your throat. That said, there's been a movement afoot to reinvent the steak house, from the ridiculous "female-friendly" STK Chicago to more modestly sized European-style efforts like Bavette's and Boeufhaus. It's amazing no one had thought of wedging a steak house into the shared-plates concept that's dominated the restaurant scene for so many years. Leave it to Boka Restaurant Group (Girl & the Goat, Momotaro, Perennial Virant) to come through with that angle. Wait a minute. Didn't Boka's Rob Katz and Kevin Boehm, along with chef Chris Pandel, just deliver Swift & Sons, the swanky steak house on the ground floor of Google's West Loop headquarters? What more can they possibly accomplish with this format? It starts with the name, GT Prime, the initials standing for Giuseppe Tentori, the longtime Boka Group chef and Trotter's vet who opened the estimable GT Fish & Oyster in 2011. In some ways this River North steak house—in the midst of the city's steak-house district—is built on GT Fish's shared-plates model, right down to the beef. Read the full review >>

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