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Your recent article on "Guns & Women" [February 4] was very refreshing because it showed a side of the handgun question almost never provided by the media. If there really are one million or so guns in the city, surely there must be dozens of incidents every day in which a gun has stopped a criminal act.

The gun control nuts are in firm control of TV and periodicals, which happily parrot the politically correct line promulgated by our oh-so-caring politicians; that is, guns are bad for you.

Along with the hypocrites you mentioned, you forgot to point out the Chicago aldermen who have denied new handgun ownership to the proletariat, yet have deemed themselves fit to carry a concealed weapon.

Of course, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, but do we truly deserve such arrogance?

Anyone in government who believes gun control laws deter criminals is too dumb to represent me, particularly our beloved president as well as senators Simon and Moseley-Braun.

Herbert C. Weiss



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