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Dear editor,

I just wanted to take a moment of your time to commend you on your recent article "Guns & Women," which appeared in the February 4 edition of the Reader. It is all too rare to see an objective and dispassionate reporting when it comes to guns in general, all the more when women are involved. The great part is, when empty rhetoric and false statistics are left behind the truth emerges--namely, that criminals fear and leave alone the educated, well-armed female citizen. The willingness and legal ability to defend oneself (when faced with imminent and grave physical danger) with a handgun or other deadly weapon is a crucial step in deterring violent crime anywhere in America. The local Illinois and Cook County government should be ashamed for forcing these brave women into anonymity for the mere reason that they wish to do what others cannot do for them--defending themselves and their loved ones from armed thugs.

Thank you for your time.

David J. Bockman

N. Sheridan

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