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Gypsy Boys

Steven is in love with Blair, who has a one-night stand with Noel, who's come from England to visit his boyfriend, Aaron, who's struck up a friendship with Manny; this is but one of the amorous roundelays depicted in this likable if mindless social comedy set in San Francisco, where boy ogling and catty one-liners keep everyone horny and entertained. The ethnically diverse characters don't seem to have much on their minds but getting laid or meeting their knight in shining armor, and first-time director Brian Shepp shows them at play in discos, cafes, and trendy restaurants (how they manage to live large without visible means of support is apparently beyond the film's scope). This is Where the Boys Are for boys, and little disrupts our tour-bus view of a superficial, narcissistic culture but Manny and Steven (winningly portrayed by Alberto Rosas and Adam Gavzer respectively), who come to fear the emptiness of a life without commitment. 103 min.


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