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Halloween: Resurrection

In what can only be called a mercy killing, Jamie Lee Curtis is dispatched during the opening sequence of this slasher, the eighth in a series that threatens to go on forever. The balance of the movie follows six college kids who've been recruited by an Internet reality show to spend Halloween night in the decaying childhood home of the series's serial killer. This plot device permits a steady supply of Webcam video from the victims' perspectives, though in contrast to The Blair Witch Project the grainy images are intercut with conventional establishing shots and prove more irksome than unnerving. Director Rick Rosenthal observes all the ritual elements (teenage lust that ends in death, bodies tumbling out of concealed spaces); a veteran of the series, he seems to understand that its fans crave certainty over shock. With Bianca Kajlich and Busta Rhymes. 100 min.

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