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Hard Rain

A better disaster movie than it is a thriller, this tale of criminal self-interest in a flooded but not quite evacuated Indiana town gets right to the action (1998). An armored car carrying $3 million, Christian Slater, and Ed Asner is disabled by the cataclysm; Morgan Freeman and company attempt to heist the money, while Randy Quaid, who's on his way out as the town's sheriff, halfheartedly intervenes. Water threatens to gush from the laboriously crafted images, but I was distracted from the story, worrying about the cast and crew risking hypothermia, electrocution, and drowning. Betty White plays a shrew who's an obvious device for stirring up macho sentiment, making the resourcefulness of Minnie Driver's character seem particularly contrived. Written by Graham Yost, and directed by Mikael Salomon.

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