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Headquarters Beercade

Hours: Wednesday-Friday 5 PM-2 AM, Saturday noon-3 AM, Sunday noon-2 AM

Bar Details

Headquarters Beercade offers the latest sign that playing video games has become a normal and widely accepted form of entertainment; the cozy Lakeview bar has an array of arcade games, sleek TVs broadcasting whatever sporting event is live, and playlists filled with hammy Top 40 alt-rock. The selection of arcade consoles—Rampage, South Park pinball, a tabletop version Ms. Pac-Man—helps differentiate the spot from just about every other sports bar in the neighborhood, and its slightly hidden location keeps the bro quotient to a minimum. While beer prices are slightly inflated, the video games are all free. For a teetotaler like myself, Headquarters can be an arcade haven on a quiet Monday night. —Leor Galil