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When: Fri., Dec. 12, 10 p.m. 2014

Not to sound dismissive, but Heaters ain’t splitting the atom with their brand of psych-brushed, tropical garage rock. Awash in vocal reverb and that sweet, yearning guitar jangle, the new Solstice (Dizzy Birds) hangs out in somewhat familiar territory—Real Estate comes to mind as one of the more notable occupants—but what sets the Grand Rapids trio up for success is how enthusiastic and sharp they sound in a subgenre that wears its apathy like a badge of honor. And the not-too-heavy-handed psych nod is a welcome wrinkle. Rarely stuck in a deadpan drag, the vocals of front men Andrew Tamlyn and Nolan Krebs—which paint the backgrounds of tracks with long brushstrokes—sound slightly tormented at one turn and melodic and sassy at another. Also to their advantage, Heaters meander off course from time to time, enabling the gentle ebb and flow of guitar to lead the way as the instrument’s subtle effects float alongside. The album’s instrumental title track is one of its highlights, both because the expert guitar playing is the focus—wielding delay in an inventive way and not just because it exists—and because the straightforward drumming sparks an unusually danceable groove. —Kevin Warwick

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