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Heavy Black Smoke Stack

This hour-long film by Jim Mazzullo begins with a wholesome boy-meets-girl segment, but soon the two become entwined with a couple called Trance and Estrogen, their drug-fueled parties, and their life of crime (Trance likes to rob stores, tie up the male clerks, and smooch with them). The couples' soft-core sex scenes have some energy, but the film is a pastiche of elements—poetic narration, self-consciously flat acting, unimaginative camera work—that never really come together. Even quirkier is Amy Talkington's short Number One Fan, in which a teenager who?s left home after a fight with mom “about my hair” is picked up by an unsavory threesome, one of whom stages murder scenes to photograph. Once again, the story is more inventive than the camerawork or editing.

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