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He's No Commie!


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To the editor:

Earl Manesky--"bit of a commie," "sacred human being," "comrade in arms"--makes his living selling expensive food that few proletarians eat (and many probably can't afford), which he distributes to stores where virtually no proletarians shop [August 18]. His customers are mostly well-heeled urban professionals, many of whom are active participants in the ongoing transformation of Chicago into a corporate postindustrial stronghold unaffordable to most working-class people.

I'm curious about a few things:

Have Manesky and his "comrades" at the Heartland Cafe found a way to pool their resources and provide health insurance to those Hispanic employees of theirs, who apparently have to hold down two sets of part-time jobs to make a living? Are those employees unionized? How would Manesky and his "comrades" react if they wanted to become so?

With "kind encouragement," no doubt.

David Whiteis


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