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Two young lovers overdose on drugs and the man dies, leaving the woman (Isabelle Carré) pregnant with his child; preparing to give birth, she travels to a seaside retreat, where she's joined for a few stumbling, tender, and subtly charged weeks by the man's gay brother. Considering the tumult at the story's core, this French drama by Francois Ozon (Under the Sand, Swimming Pool) is surprisingly subdued, often to the point of numbness. The emptied-out characters strive for a transcendence they'll never quite reach, and so does the film. Ozon creates a lingering set of boldly composed, beautifully realized shots, but the narrative, with its hollow dialogue and calculated ambiguity, doesn't support them. In French with subtitles.



  • François Ozon


  • Isabelle Carré
  • Louis-Ronan Choisy
  • Melvil Poupaud
  • Pierre Louis-Calixte
  • Dominique Jacquet


  • Chris Bolzli
  • Claudie Ossard

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