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Hiding Our Light


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To the editor,

The Reader has always been a gem in Chicago's lopsided crown of print media offerings, a unique, loamy, wide-ranging paper, replete with surprises, distinguished by its publishing stories that almost never appear anywhere else.

Frederick Lowe's story "The Clutch of Fear" [August 18], which describes the daily insults to which black men are subjected in a culture whose media demonizes them hourly, was a stunningly eye-opening story. The story needed to be published, and to its credit, the Reader gave it space and in so doing may have broadened the opening for honest exploration of racism in America.

Disappointingly, however, Lowe's story was too easy to miss seeing. Its placement as the second story in Our Town, unaccompanied by a gaze-drawing photograph and nearly suffocated by the advertising copy which surrounded it, undermined its importance and lent it an ambivalent berth, an injustice to its significance and to your readers. Do better.


Susan M. Miller

W. Norwood

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