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Hilary and Jackie

This 1998 biographical drama begins by tracing the shared experiences of Hilary du Pre and her sister Jacqueline—cellist, wife of pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim, sufferer of multiple sclerosis—from a point of view made to seem like Hilary's. Then, having persuaded us that Jacqueline is crazy and manipulative and Hilary long-suffering, the movie triumphantly presents many of the same events from a perspective that seems to be Jacqueline's, filling in moments elided the first time around and suggesting that we've jumped to conclusions about the women, though all we're guilty of is accepting the filmmakers' deception. As if this weren't enough moralizing, a taboo sexual relationship between two of the characters is so sensationalized that the characters' feelings about it become irrelevant. Anand Tucker directed a screenplay by Frank Cottrell Boyce, based on Hilary and Piers du Pre's A Genius in the Family; with Emily Watson and Rachel Griffiths.


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