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Like Father, Like Son: That's my boy, I think

Hirokazu Kore-edu tells a story of children switched at birth.


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A workaholic architect and his wife learn that their five-year-old son was switched at birth and is being raised by a slovenly blue-collar couple who share very few of their values. This moving drama, one of the best to date from Japanese writer-director Hirokazu Kore-eda, follows the relationship between these two families over the course of a year, presenting the ebb and flow of their lives with such care that even minute changes to their routines have an unsettling impact. Kore-eda and his actors realize the characters in novelistic depth, conveying sympathy even when subtly critiquing their behavior; and as usual, Kore-eda proves to be a gifted, unsentimental director of children. In Japanese with subtitles.

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