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Hollow Reed

An issue movie that conflates the intolerance of homosexuality and the intolerability of child abuse, this superficially classy story about who's ultimately responsible for a little boy's mysterious injuries is mired in its obvious and confused social ideology, displaying no awareness of the mechanistic mentality of its plot. Sam Bould plays Oliver Wyatt, whose divorced parents (Martin Donovan, Joely Richardson) both have live-in boyfriends (Ian Hart, Jason Flemyng). Practically forgoing characterization, writer Paula Milne and director Angela Pope contrast the morals of the homosexual and heterosexual couples by oversimplifying the emotions behind when and how each has sex. This is a particularly ironic tactic because it parallels the inquisition the gay couple is subjected to during the movie's inevitable courtroom scene—which conveniently allows the characters to spout a lot of canned exposition on the witness stand.


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