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Hours: Lunch: Monday-Friday; dinner: seven days
Saturday & Sunday brunch

Price: $$

Oregon-style thin-crust pizza.

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OK, the gimmick: Homeslice is a log-cabin-style pizza joint. What that means is there's enough well-lacquered Douglas fir crammed into the Lincoln Park spot to warrant real concern over the displaced squirrel population that formerly roamed the trees' branches. But before you roll your eyes, let me say that the decor at Homeslice is strangely charming and homey, and the pizza absolutely legit, an airy thin-crust dusted with cornmeal and loaded with flavorful toppings. Salads are salads, I know, but one with tender spinach, candied walnuts, and small chunks of grapefruit was easily shared among three people and only six bucks. In fact, Homeslice's menu is cheap across the board, which should appeal to the DePaul crowd likely to frequent the spot. The main attractions, though, are the pies—and they're great. The options are abundant, the categories "meats," "bird," and "meat free" each offering around ten different choices. I had the "Ava-Lance," a veg-happy platter of kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, and roasted garlic with a white olive-oil-and-garlic sauce and three cheeses. Normally a slice with so many toppings is destined to become a soggy mess, but the crisp, light, seemingly hand-tossed crust held its form impressively. The meat eaters at the table were just as impressed, our collective response a pleasantly surprised "This is supergood." It's clear a lot of thought was given to Homeslice's design and construction, from the well-appointed patio to the bottles of sriracha on the tables. Luckily, the food doesn't take a backseat.

Kevin Warwick

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