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When: Wed., Jan. 7, 7:30 p.m. 2015

The band is new, but the musicians involved have been up to their eyebrows in the Chicago hardcore scene for so long that their parents have probably admitted it’s not just a phase. Last year Weekend Nachos bassist Drew Brown and Harm’s Way vocalist James Pligge teamed up to write death-metal tunes about what they drily describe as a “dystopian future” where the U.S. government has turned against its people. (Of course, that’s already happening, but it could definitely get worse.) On the two three-song demos Hate Force have posted to Bandcamp so far, Pligge drops his voice out of its usual register—his ragged, guttural growl sounds like a bear with one of its hind legs in a trap—and Brown occasionally plays bludgeoning double kick drum or belt-fed blastbeats, but their “death metal” still has a lot of hardcore in its DNA. The down-tuned riffs are blunt instruments dominated by grimy eighth-note chugging, and the brutally efficient song structures rely on a keen understanding of exactly when to deploy verses, choruses, double-time barrages, and punch-the-floor breakdowns. The Hate Force Facebook page credits Pligge with vocals, guitars, and bass and Brown with drums, guitars, and bass, but that’s obviously just for the demos; onstage Brown drums, Pligge “sings,” Chris Mills of Harm’s Way plays bass, and Todd Nief of Like Rats and Bo Lueders of Harm’s Way both play guitar. (Weekend Nachos seem to have acted as the center of gravity bringing these guys together: Nachos front man John Hoffman used to play bass in Harm’s Way, and Nachos guitarist Andy Nelson currently plays bass in Like Rats.) At Hate Force’s first Chicago show—their fifth gig overall—they warm up Big Tony’s Pizza for a stacked bill of out-of-town hardcore bands headlined by Cleveland crushers Homewrecker, on tour in support of this fall’s Circle of Death. —Philip Montoro

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