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Celebrated as “Castle's classic” by The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film, this William Castle scare show of 1961, scripted by Robb White, features Glenn Corbett, Patricia Breslin, and Jean Arless in a curious bisexual double role. The plot concerns an icy blond who pays a young bellboy to marry her, kills the justice of the peace, and then makes off with her husband to an old dark house owned by a paralyzed woman and her disturbed son. At least one decapitation and a trip to Denmark follow.



  • William Castle


  • Glenn Corbett
  • Patricia Breslin
  • Jean Arless
  • Eugenie Leontovich
  • Alan Bunce
  • Richard Rust
  • James Westerfield
  • Gilbert Green
  • Wolfe Barzell
  • Hope Summers
  • Ralph Moody
  • Joseph Forte


  • William Castle

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