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Hours: Lunch, Dinner: seven days

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Reliable Chinatown dining room specializing in Peking duck.

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It's a Chinese restaurant specializing in family feasts and banquet dinners. As a casual diner, it's best not to buck the trend, but rather go with a crowd and order a lazy Susan full of food. Peking duck is a signature dish in which paper-thin homemade pancakes (some of the best in Chinatown) and crispy-sweet duck skin are the stars. Preparations like Szechuan shrimp, baked Maine lobster with onions and ginger, and Dungeness crab in black bean sauce feature fresh seafood that's highlighted rather than overwhelmed by sauce. Chinese soup dumplings (called "steamed juicy buns" on the menu) are a coarse, doughy version of the real thing but still can be enjoyable. Some purists sniff at the menu as lacking authenticity, but I'd rather dine on a well-executed egg foo yong than a tired version of stir-fried innards. House of Fortune has a full bar offering umbrella-laden drinks for those looking for a night out on the town; it's also one of few Chinatown restaurants to deliver north of the Loop.

Kristina Meyer

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