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How to Help Burma


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To the editors:

Thanks to a good friend in Chicago, I received a copy of the Reader and read with care and interest the story by Michael Miner "With Student Rebels in Burma" [Hot Type, September 17]. As one who has written and taught about Burma politics for the past 30 years, I found it to be a well-written essay about one of many groups of Burmese students who continue to fight for democracy and human rights in the hills and border area of their country.

You have performed an important service in publishing this story and hopefully it will arouse an interest amongst your readers to inform themselves about Burma and to do something to help the people of that country in their present fight.

Your readers should know that the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted a strong resolution last year which called upon the military dictators to release the Nobel Laureate, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, honor the elections held in 1990, and restore democracy; after a year, no real changes in Burma have occurred. Your readers could help strengthen the voice of the UN by writing to the U.S. Delegation and urge it to make this year's resolution stronger through the inclusion of a weapons embargo, a voluntary end of foreign investment, and the unseating of the Burma representative in the UN because the government he represents has no popular backing, but rules instead by force alone.

Dr. Josef Silverstein

Professor Emeritus


New Brunswick, New Jersey

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