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When: Fri., Aug. 10, 7 p.m. 2012

Huey Lewis's funky, R&B-flavored pop ruled mid-80s FM radio (not to mention MTV, then a novelty) in such a playful, non­confrontational way that our nostalgia for it has made it ageless. Every time I hear a cut from Sports—"The Heart of Rock & Roll," "If This Is It," the Back to the Future-famous "The Power of Love"—it might as well be strutting its way out of the speakers during adult swim at my childhood suburban pool, alongside whatever Whitney Houston and Paula Abdul singles were popular then. And the way Lewis embraced and winked at corny 80s pop-­culture excess—with kitschy, green-screen-heavy videos, gratuitous horn solos, and blow-dried Miami Vice fashions—makes his overblown bravado and slickness endearing. Huey Lewis & the News released their ninth studio album, Soulville, in 2010, but let's get real: the meat of this set is going to be the band's 19 top-ten singles, most of which are from the aforementioned masterpiece Sports and the Patrick Bateman-approved Fore. —Kevin Warwick Joe Cocker opens.

Price: $33-$75

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