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When: Fri., March 11, 9:30 p.m. 2011

It could be argued that for nigh on a decade, Chicago's best and most commodifiable export was—no, not celery salt—noise rock. Remember those long-gone glory days when we had not just the Jesus Lizard or Shellac but a fancy dozen or trozen fakers in their wake, one to suit every taste? Who can forget Lynx, midway down the bill at every Fireside show for what seemed like an eon? Alas! All that so-called pigfuck has fallen out of fashion, successively overtaken by Tortoise, cocaine, and cassette labels. Now along comes a heathen trio called Birth, the sole standout in the gone-fallow fields of that rotten, swampy, squalling-and-squealing din. They're a young group, still cycling through drummers, but their brand-new debut LP, Birth (Dead Beat), sounds familiar and welcome to these old ears. Front man and Pittsburgh transplant Mike Siciliano howls like something's horribly wrong with him (I mean that as a compliment), and on tracks like "100 Year Old Egg" they lay it down like a band in command. This might be their year—and if we're lucky, 2012 will be as well. —Jessica Hopper

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