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When: Sat., Oct. 13, 10 p.m. 2012

If the term "indie rock" ever referred to a distinct sound or style, it certainly doesn't now—and the fact that it gets applied to such a wide variety of acts can make it harder to suss out the intricacies and stylistic flourishes that set them apart from one another. Take for example Believers, a band from Columbia, Missouri. They're "indie rock," but of course that doesn't tell you that they've got two drummers who provide tight, interlocking fills that sometimes land like thunderclaps. You wouldn't necessarily know that the guitarists pluck and strum with precision and grace, their lines treated liberally with tremolo, and you'd have to get pretty lucky to guess that the bassist provides a funky, pop-friendly backbone or that the vocals include just enough harmonizing to give the songs a hint of choral texture. The opening tracks on Believers' self-released, self-titled debut EP ("Sleeves" and "Forward Forward Back") are propelled by sprightly, chugging rhythms and hooky instrumental harmonies, while the record's latter half eases into a warm and cozy atmosphere thanks to artfully delicate guitar melodies. True, Believers have only put out five songs, but they already stand out in the vaguely defined realm of indie rock. —Leor Galil Hume headlines; Nude Sunrise and Believers open. $10, $8 in advance

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