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Hours: Dinner: seven days
Saturday & Sunday brunch

Price: $$$

Craft beers and comfort food in the former Socca.

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Based on its silly one-word name, its location on Bro Row, and its self-identification as an "American bistro," I expected Hutch—a rehaul of the Lakeview bistro Socca—to be douchebag central. I owe it a big apology. There may have been douchebags there when I visited, but its primary function appears to be less a meat market than a nice neighborhood place to take mom and dad when they come to town for their semiannual visit. The menu encompasses steak, chops, and seafood for times when the folks are feeling generous, and burgers and flatbreads for times when they're not. Most of these items incorporate bacon. The highlight is probably the classic bistro steak frites, Americanized to "steak 'n fries." Nobody mentioned where the meat came from, or what the cow ate, or how many weeks it had been aged, but what really mattered was that it was juicy and sweet in a meaty way, and completely delicious. It comes with a generous serving of very addictive matchstick fries. The service is disarmingly friendly and almost too perceptive. "Was it that good," our server asked as she cleared away my companion's empty plate, which had once contained an otherwise delicious grilled whitefish drowned in an overcurried creole sauce, "or were you just really hungry?"

Aimee Levitt

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Price: $$$

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