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I Hated Medill


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I noticed the link to your article [Hot Type, August 17] in Media Bistro and just wanted to tell you that it's great to learn that there are other Medill students and alumni who hate the place so much they boil over and send angry E-mail.

I got a master's in print there in August 1991. Many of the classes were excellent, and my degree has probably helped my career.

But I hated Medill for many different reasons, including the professor who scheduled a required test on Rosh Hashanah without allowing for makeup days; the rule that first-quarter students interested in freelancing in their spare time had to get permission from a faculty member--who spent his own spare time publishing a sex magazine; and the notes in the student applications I photocopied for my work-study job, which seemed to indicate that the school had greatly increased the number of print-program master's students admitted to pay for equipment purchased for the broadcast program.

A.L. Bell

Kansas City, Missouri

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