Ian's Party 2012: Sass Dragons, Vacation Bible School, Lipreader, Treasure Fleet, Elephant Gun, and others 18+ Recommended Soundboard

When: Sun., Jan. 8, 5 p.m. 2012

Back in the 90s Sidekick Kato were one of many Illinois-bred groups that helped develop the broader midwestern emo sound, but they'll be remembered outside the midwest—if they are remembered outside the midwest—as a band in the background. Damp Hay, a newish trio whose members all played in Sidekick Kato, sidestep that problem of legacy by not really sounding like they're tied to a Chicago scene of today or yesteryear. On the best songs off their debut EP, last year's Middlewestern (Cassette Deck), they seem to be channeling the unsettled droning and harried howls of Lungfish by way of blitzed-out garage punk. It's not groundbreaking stuff, but Damp Hay do something a little different than the Sidekick Kato connection might suggest. —Leor Galil This show is part of a three-day, two-venue festival called Ian's Party; see facebook.com/iansparty. The Sass Dragons headline; Vacation Bible School, Lipreader, Treasure Fleet, Elephant Gun, Brickfight, Damp Hay, Fur Coats, Truman & His Trophy, and An Aesthetic Anesthetic open.

Price: $12

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