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Dear Editor, the Reader's Readers, and Fred Camper,

Two openings, including one given by SIGGRAPH, hosted over 400 gallery visitors ["Blank Screens," October 10]. The ARC show also recorded higher than average attendance records, with over 200 for the opening alone. Both sites had CD-ROM inclusion of over 150 works by artists representing schools from all over Illinois. The education and outreach aspects used a Web site created by UIC's Electronic Visualization Lab, which will continue to grow and connect artists and schools around the state. INSTRUMENT created by Sandin. The "art works" included in the tribute were samples of works done by many artists influenced by Sandin's creation. This article did not even come close to identifying the context of the historical perspective, which was the intention of this exhibition. I welcome any further discussion on this important show--feel free to E-mail me at nbechtol@

Nancy Bechtol

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