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If You Only Knew


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I was deeply offended by your recent front-page article concerning Scientology ["Death of a Scientologist," August 16]. I felt the data was inaccurate, biased, and discriminatory. I have been a member of the Church of Scientology for nearly 15 years now, and I am living a positive, rewarding life because of what I have learned and applied from the tenets of Scientology. As a professional Scientology practitioner, I can also say that with this technology I have changed many lives for the better.

I strongly suggest that the writer of the above-mentioned article read the book What Is Scientology?, where she could clearly see the stated purposes of this religion, along with all of the positive achievements made by the church and its many parishioners.

I, for one, do not consider myself more informed as a result of such an article, with the exception that I now know that there is a good chance that the articles published in your paper are not based on truth at all, but rather an interested party's opinion.

Connie Zimmer

Des Plaines

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