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Ignorance Was Bliss


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"Muller says, "I have no problem with color or race. It doesn't matter to me who you sleep with or what color you are. I could care less.' Yet on the air he belittles Asians, women, blacks, Hispanics, midgets, homosexuals, the retarded, the disabled."

Re: "Morning Mouth," cover story, 31 March 1995.

To the editors:

Wow! This guy Thoreau really had something when he said that everyone walks to a different drummer.

It is important for me to know that prior to picking up this Reader, I was totally unaware that anything connected with "Morning Mouth" even existed. The truth is that without demand there can be no supply, so to those who would perpetuate and encourage this sort of thing, it can only be said--"Pity on you!"

Continuing to look forward to your next issue, I shall remain,

A concerned reader

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