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This hard-edged, documentary-style drama (2010) by writer-director Olivier Masset-Depasse chronicles the ordeal of a young Russian woman (the superb Anne Coesens) living illegally in Belgium with her 14-year-old son. Stopped on the street for a routine police check, she's arrested, detained, interrogated, and threatened with deportation by the brutal Belgian authorities. But the physical and psychological abuse she endures are less terrifying to her than her separation from the child, who's now at the mercy of a Russian mobster. Shot in and around the city of Liege in southern Belgium, this is a gritty and timely response to the desperation of illegal immigrants. In English and subtitled French and Russian.



  • Olivier Masset-Depasse


  • Anne Coesens
  • Alexandre Gontcharov
  • Milo Masset-Depasse
  • Natalia Belokonskaya
  • Olga Zhdanova
  • Tomasz Bialkowski
  • Denis Dupont
  • Moktar Belletreche


  • Jacques-Henri Bronckart
  • Olivier Bronckart
  • Antonino Lombardo
  • Isabelle Madelaine

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