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I'm Not Krazo


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To the editors:

Imagine my shock and surprise when I returned to Chicago recently and came across Jack Helbig's review of Another One Man Show: The Steve and Leo Story with the New World Repertory [November 27].

Although I originated the role of "Krazo, the World's Kraziest Prop Komick," duties out of town necessitated my absence for the remainder of the run.

Therefore, in the name of accuracy and my good name, I was not in the show the night the play was reviewed, nor am I any longer associated with the production.

During the performance in question the only "sleep-inducing" performance I could have possibly given was on a plane to New York under the influence of several tiny bottles of Jack Daniel's and a couple of barbiturates.

Robert Goliath Taich

N. Kenmore

Jack Helbig replies:

The program I received the day I reviewed Another One Man Show clearly listed Mr. Taich as Krazo. Thanks for setting the record straight. Now will the real sleep-inducing "World's Kraziest Prop Komick" please step forward?

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