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Imminent Dangers of Love and the Afterlife


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In her new play K.M. Lickert comes up with a fate worse than No Exit: too many exits. Daniel, an unintentional suicide, is caught in a celestial waiting room--what another character calls a "sorta kinda afterlife." He can't decide what belief system and postearthly existence to embrace even though a wise "reincarnationist," Alex, is there to help him come to terms with his past and future. Alex Levy stages this derivative but charming piece for Smoke & Mirror Productions with a light hand, and the actors, particularly Adam Kalesperis as Alex and Tomike Ogugua as a silent guardian angel/bouncer, bring cheery warmth to even the cutesiest segments. But best is Lickert's innate, refreshing respect for all varieties of religious belief. Through 5/21: Thu-Sun 8 PM, Chicago Dramatists, 1105 W. Chicago, 312-409-1000. $12-$18, industry shows Sun.

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