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Immortal Lee County Killers


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Back when I was doing college radio it wasn't uncommon for DJs to play a 45 rpm record at 33--most of us believed Motorhead sounded better that way--or an LP track at 45. The song "Killer 45," from the Immortal Lee County Killers' forthcoming Estrus debut, The Essential Fucked Up Blues, sounds like the latter, and the only way I know for sure that it's supposed to be that way is that I got it on CD. Recorded on an eight-track, purportedly in a dilapidated Alabama shack, the record is a joyful, swinging mess of fuzz, feedback, and guttural yawp--grain alcohol to Jon Spencer's fancy vodka. The Killers, named in homage to Jerry Lee Lewis, are just two guys--guitarist, singer, and harpist Chet "the Cheetah" Weise, formerly of the Quadrajets, and drummer-and-a-half Doug "the Boss" Sherrard--but the racket they make is as full as it is raw. Sherrard beats the crap out of a pared-down trap kit, while Weise plays out of multiple amplifiers so deftly you hardly notice there's no bass player. Weise--a professed anarchist with a master's in economics--grew up outside Memphis, where he became obsessed with John Lee Hooker, and Sherrard, a sometime Kentuckian, has decorated his floor tom with Dale Earnhardt's number 3; songs like the dirgy "Go to Hell on Judgment Day" and "Won't Cook Fish" are equal parts Delta blues, three-chord punk, and NASCAR roar. The duo also does a twisted nine-minute cover of Muddy Waters's "Rolling Stone." The Drapes and the Deans open. Thursday, December 28, 10 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western; 773-276-3600.


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