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Immortalized by R. Nickel


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I just happened to download your article ["His City Is Gone" by Lynn Becker, November 26, 2006] in order to acquaint a Chicago publisher with Richard Nickel. As I read your article, you mentioned that the people in the Union Station photograph are gone. Well, not quite. There was another companion photo in the book which shows a kid sitting on luggage. That's me. My mother and brother waited in the depot as my father, a locomotive fireman on the CB&Q, backed the train from the depot to the Zephyr Pit at 14th Street. My mother's family was all centered around East Chicago and we were probably waiting to catch the South Shore? I'm guessing here that it was in the mid 50s.

Thought you might find some of the letter [to the publisher] interesting and explanative:

"In the book recently released about [Richard Nickel's] more obscure photos, Photographs of a Lost City, there's a photo of a kid sitting on suitcases in CUS about 1956. I believe that is me! The suitcases are in my garage. Many people think that's a neat shirt but it's really a sweater."

William A. Franckey


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