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Impotent Sea Snakes


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To say that Atlanta's Impotent Sea Snakes traffic in offensiveness is like saying Jimi Hendrix played guitar. The Sea Snakes are searchingly, baroquely, consumingly offensive, whether parading on stage in women's lingerie, leading the crowd in a sing-along that suggests performing an illegal act on a band member's mother, or performing "hits" like "Kangaroos (Up the Butt)," "Pope John Paul Can Suck My Dick," and others whose titles I blush to repeat. A three-man power trio provides the music; at a show at Lounge Ax a few weeks back, another corps of three or four guys ran around stage brandishing a (running) chainsaw, barbecuing franks on a grill, destroying a TV with an ax, and affixing a guitar to a crucifix and setting it aflame. All this and full frontal male nudity. The music? I forget. Saturday, Dreamerz, 1516 N. Milwaukee; 252-1155.

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