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In Defense of Freedman


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To the editors.

I have just read such an outrageous letter about the cartoons of Matt Freedman [October 7], that I must wonder if it is a gag. However, in case R. Denton is serious I will respond to a few of his wild allegations, for I have picked up the Reader for years partly because I am a fan of Free Associates. In fact, when I was a medical student, there was usually a Freedman cartoon hung on the door of many dorm residents--they hit home with wit, insight and an economy of expression that appealed and cheered.

As for books--though I can't see the relevance, Freedman has authored several that I know of for St. Martin's Press: How Many Zen Buddhists Does It Take to Screw in a Lightbulb; What Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up; What Do WASPs Say After Sex Dictionary Shmictionary [William Morrow] (coauthored with Paul Hoffman, several of them).

I also do not think that Freedman had to research "Industrial Accidents" [September 2] in a book, or that if he did so what??

Mr. R. Denton needs the shelter of the First Amendment to make these crazy allegations. Should Freedman reply? Probably not.

At any rate, please don't lose him, he's unique.

J. Hawthorne

E. 56th Street

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