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In Good Company

A venerable sports magazine is gobbled up by a Rupert Murdoch type, and the charismatic 51-year-old advertising director (Dennis Quaid) suddenly finds himself reporting to a business-school brat (Topher Grace) with a pocketful of pink slips. The predicament of older employees in a cutthroat global economy gets so little play in Hollywood movies that writer-director Paul Weitz (About a Boy) deserves credit just for broaching the subject in a halfway serious manner. But halfway is all—the rest of the movie has poor little rich boy Grace sneaking around with Quaid's undergrad daughter (Scarlett Johansson) for some won't-daddy-be-mad comedy. A missed opportunity, though as usual Quaid is dazzling. With Malcolm McDowell, David Paymer, Philip Baker Hall, and Selma Blair. PG-13, 109 min.

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