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In NPR We Trust


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To the editors:

I would suggest to Glenn Garvin that it is a matter of trust ["How Do I Hate NPR?," June 25]. Without National Public Radio we are bombarded by the commercial airways and most of the press, being utilized to tell us that Reagan was uninformed and George Bush was "out of the loop," "out to lunch," and knew nothing of arms being shipped out of the basement of the White House to Iran. Yes, "just a failed policy." Poor Nixon, he was excommunicated for what now appears to be triviality.

Without NPR we would be ill informed about how our government sponsored despots in South America, provoked the righteous fascist leaders that have been supported by Eliott Abrams and North, under the leadership of Casey, Reagan, and Bush. And that of course it was that policy that brought down communism in Russia.

But the article was reassuring as to the importance of NPR. It's difficult to pierce the Madison Avenue soundbites that have saran-wrapped the American mind. NPR is critical if you believe that a woman has a right to choose. Or if you are black, and believe that there still isn't a level playing field. Or that the multitrillion-dollar national debt was built up by pandering to transnational corporations and the rich by a Republican and southern Democratic coalition, under a flag-waving Reagan and Bush, with the assistance of the ally, the National Rifle Association. And what about the mindless and endless celebrations of the Reagan-Bush significant military victories in Grenada, Panama, and Iraq?

I am a small capitalist, the kind that the Reagan-Bush administration has had for lunch on a daily basis.

Burton Ditkowsky

Briar Pl.

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