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When: Mon., March 17, 9 p.m. 2014

Many metal bands traffic in unpleasant vibes, but few wallow in them as deeply or put them across as forcefully as Chicago four-piece Indian. Guitarist-vocalist Dylan O’Toole and bassist Ron Defries have spent more than a decade refining the nastiest, most hateful elements of black metal and doom—shrieking berserker misanthropy from the former, mind-crushing heaviness from the latter—into one of the purest sonic distillations of negative energy that I’ve ever been exposed to. Their latest album, From All Purity (released in January on Relapse), is borderline physically punishing, thanks in part to the unbelievably dense production by local metal guru Sanford Parker—but it can also provide the kind of ego obliteration that feels strangely peaceful and meditative. If you’re in a particularly bad mood, though, you always use it to soundtrack your fantasies about exterminating all human life in a horrible nuclear firestorm. —Miles Raymer Bloodiest, Anatomy of Habit, and An Aesthetic Anaesthetic open.

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