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Indian Jewelry


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Sonic Youth's brief foray into Mansonism on Bad Moon Rising might have inspired a whole new American goth style if they'd stuck with it, in which case we'd have a lot more bands like Indian Jewelry. They howl and shake through echoing, jammy mayhem, sometimes sounding like the Birthday Party, sometimes like some tribe of feral desert orphans intent on war. The last time they played the Empty Bottle they set up on the floor, as though the stage were too civilized, putting their ecstatic performance--equal parts synth squall, half-enunciated chanting, and cheap delay effects--right up in everyone's faces. It was almost like they were trying to recruit us for their own cult. Minotaur and the Electric Set open. Mon 10/31, 10 PM, the Mutiny, 2428 N. Western, 773-486-7774, $5.

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