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disclose contributions fully before election (no other limits)

let the people decide

¥ requires media and public to pay attention

¥ requires real choices between candidates

on the basis of contributors

¥ requires election agencies to be well

funded and well staffed

¥ requires that people vote on this one issue

ban PACs and out-of-state contributions

reduce power of businesses, unions, professions, and other "special interest" lobbying groups

¥ hurts those who rely on national networks, such as women and minorities

¥ makes contributors' sympathies harder to identify and track

cap campaign contributions

reduce influence of any one contributor

¥ makes it impossible for challengers to raise seed money from the faithful

¥ makes candidates spend more time (and money) raising money

cap campaign spending

reduce importance of money to candidates in general

¥ makes it impossible for challengers to outspend incumbents

¥ limits information available to voters

¥ increases importance of all nonmonetary political resources

¥ encourages independent issue expenditures

fund campaigns with tax dollars (public financing)

remove influence of private money once and for all

¥ either gives money to fringe loonies or

else locks in the two major parties

¥ can't touch independent issue expenditures

¥ without campaign spending caps, could become very expensive


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