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Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30 AM-8 PM, Saturday-Sunday 7 AM-8 PM

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A coffee mecca.

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The music pumped into the pleasant-looking den where Intelligentsia roasts, grinds, brews, and blends its delectable coffees and teas is always so irritating that sticking around to drink the stuff seems almost too grim to contemplate. The obvious sane plan is to run to the back counter, buy a bag of the ugh-so-expensive-but-oh-my-giddy-head beans, and scuttle out before the James Taylor impersonator whining over Philip Glass makes your head explode. But try wearing headphones: the nectar their coffee urns coax from those beans is more like opium than java, and if you drink it there it's served in a thick-rimmed vat of a cup, a treat with which takeout can't compete. There's both a coffee and a decaf of the day; the regular Costa Rican El Conquistador I tried was so chocolaty and savory it was hard to understand why anyone would gild the lily by making it into a latte. The biscotti are pretty good, and the croissants looked OK, but as baked things, mostly sugary, are the only foods on hand, you keep guzzling caffeine long after you should stop.

Ann Sterzinger

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