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Into It. Over It., Dave Davison, Cloakroom 18+ Agenda Soundboard Recommended Image

When: Fri., Oct. 25, 9 p.m. 2013

Chicago emo troubadour Evan Thomas Weiss has been in constant motion since he started Into It. Over It. in September 2007. What began as an ambitious solo project—Weiss challenged himself to write, record, and release one song per week for a year—has become a full-time gig, and he now spends months at a time touring the U.S. and Europe either alone or with a band, sometimes opening for his emo heroes (most recently Braid and two guys from the Get Up Kids, Matt Pryor and James Dewees). Weiss keeps busy even when he’s not in road-dog mode; in the past year he’s debuted two bands (Their/They’re/There and Pet Symmetry) and launched a tiny label called Storm Chasers, and last month he released the latest Into It. Over It. album, the lush and lovely Intersections (Triple Crown). Past IIOI releases have balanced pop-punk burners and delicate, stripped-down ditties, and on Intersections Weiss combines those two styles in a single tune—“A Pair of Matching Taxi Rides” a fuzzy, delay-treated guitar riff and gurgling bass line leave room for earnest vocals just a few notches above a whisper and an occasional glistening xylophone note. Weiss’s singing is assured and graceful, and with a gentle sigh or clean cry that doesn’t quite disintegrate into a ragged scream, he can summon the anguish of a tortuous relationship (“A Curse Worth Believing”) or grief at the death of a friend (“The Shaking of Leaves,” which eulogizes Mitch Dubey, a DIY punk musician killed in a botched robbery of his New Haven home in 2011). Weiss has matured quite a bit during the past six years, and Intersections proves it—he keeps finding new ways to express himself within an idiom that’s already been declared dead several times. —Leor Galil Dave Davison and Cloakroom open.

Price: $16, $13 in advance