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Invasion! The Short List (Theater) Closing (Theater and Galleries)

When: Tuesdays-Sundays. Continues through Sept. 15 2013

As it turns out, our schools, legislatures, police departments, and entertainment industry were never in danger of communist infiltration. Communists weren't lurking under the bed. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States needed a new imaginary enemy—lest we jeopardize that massive military spending and that carefully cultured strain of nativist paranoia—and the Arab Muslim fit the bill perfectly. Unlike the communist, the Arab Muslim won't disappear, so long as Arabic is spoken and Islam exists. Communism was new and relatively unmythologized; Westerners' anti-Muslim cultural programming, in contrast, dates all the way back to the Crusades and Dante's Inferno. The Western imagination is saturated with enough semiconscious dread of bearded mullahs, untrustworthy sheikhs, shady vendors, and all-around zealots to keep us forever dependent on the powerful for the protection we imagine only they can provide. Continue reading >>

Price: $25-$35

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