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It Ain't Dull...


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Your recent article "Down on Uptown" [Our Town, April 3] was very timely for one who presently lives in Uptown by choice.

May I add, some of us choose to live "up" here because it's not pretentious, superficial, homogenized, nor mimicking Disneyland's Main Street?

I choose to call the folks up here colorful (lowlifes and all) and a lot friendlier than my previous neighbors on North Lake Shore Drive, Printers Row, and Lakeview.

Perhaps the realtors should stuff the pretensions and sell the neighborhood's history, architecture, and yes, the cultural diversity. We realize it's a buzzword for "poor folks and ethnics" live here. But hey, this is what makes Uptown what it is, not dull!

Ask me where I live, "Uptown, thank you," despite the banners fluttering on my street proclaiming "Sheridan Park--An Historic District." Whatever floats your boat.

Alice Bowman


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