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It Doesn't Take a Village


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Loved your piece in today's paper on the Andersonville cultural wars. My partner and I just moved out of the hood after a number of years of experiencing the demo-graphic changes. We were, are, and will continue to be in strong support of Dan [McCauley]. We have grown children who were always expected to behave in public. We have friends with young children who are expected to behave in public.

Raising children into responsible adults with appropriate public boundaries and civil manners is indeed hard work--and the parents' responsibility. The concept of "it takes a village" has obviously been overinterpreted and is now being abused by a significant number of parents who believe mi bambino, su bambino. In fact, I have been witnessing this phenomenon growing over the past couple of decades--across the city and burbs--and it has been the subject of many discussions. No, folks--no thank you--raise your own children. We did.

I'm glad this story exploded nationally. I just hope a fabulous bakery and a good man are not brought down by all the attention.

Micki Leventhal

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