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It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine.

74 minutes 2014

An heir to Tod Browning's Freaks, this lurid melodrama balances perilously between exploitation and outsider art, provoking a riot of unpleasant emotions—horror, pathos, prurience, revulsion. Its writer and star, Steven C. Stewart, suffered all his life from cerebral palsy, and on-screen he plays a wheelchair-bound psycho killer, strangling in the crook of his arm tantalizing young women who've treated him with pity or disgust. Directors Crispin Glover and David Brothers realize Stewart's evil fantasy with all the soundstage artifice and overripe color Roger Corman brought to his Edgar Allan Poe adaptations in the 60s. Yet the core of the movie is something ugly and unadorned, a cry of rage, loneliness, and sexual frustration.

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