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Jamie and Jesse Are Not Together

On the other hand, they're seldom apart. Written and directed by local indie Wendy Jo Carlton (Hannah Free), this often charming romantic comedy follows the rocky friendship of two aspiring young actresses who share an apartment in Logan Square. Jamie (Jacqui Jackson) is confident, talented, and bound for New York City in a matter of weeks; Jesse (Jessica London-Shields) is shy, goofy, and secretly in love with her departing pal. Carlton allows her characters to break into song at any moment, and these musical sequences work more often than not, despite the random boogieing that's supposed to pass for choreography. In the manner of a Woody Allen comedy, various satirical jabs and sexual flings precede the duo's ultimate passage from friendship to love, and though some of the humor falls flat (particularly a running gag about Jesse's horrific blind dates), the two leads smoothly navigate the in-jokes and verbal shorthand of an intimate relationship.



  • Wendy Carlton


  • Jacqui Jackson
  • Jessica London-Shields
  • Fawzia Mirza
  • Marika Engelhardt
  • Laura Chernicky
  • Chris Meister
  • Jen LaForte
  • Kate Lane


  • Catherine Halley
  • Wendy Carlton
  • Anne Hanson

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