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This week's Culture Vultures recommend . . .

Jane Addams's travel medicine kit and Tom Brown's Field Guide series

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Julie Shapiro, Third Coast International Audio Festival artistic director, is mulling over:

Jane Addams's travel medicine kit Ever pushing the boundaries of traditional museum behavior, through its "Alternative Label" series, the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum (still open!) invites you to contemplate the story behind Jane Addams's well-preserved travel medicine kit (and to sip a cup of herbal tea harvested down the street while you're at it). Seated next to the kit in a corner of Addams's bedroom, you're left to examine its exhibition label—in this case an essay in book form, written by author/teacher Terri Kapsalis. Equal parts documentary, mystery, and biography, Kapsalis's essay prods and muses, eventually revealing the contents of the four glass vials held snugly in Addams's original leather pouch. Along the way she ponders rest cures, chronic societal ills, and the versatility of strychnine. The essay lasts about as long as your cup of tea—just long enough forget your Twitter feed for a short while. Amen. Sign up online to reserve a slot on an upcoming Wednesday or Sunday.

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