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Jason X

Having taken the unstoppable killing machine Jason to Manhattan and hell, the franchise sends him into space. In the year 2455 archaeologists visiting earth uncover the cryogenically preserved bodies of Jason and a female scientist, then take them back to their spaceship and thaw them out. Bad idea. Jason lumbers around depopulating the ship, while the scientist lamely impersonates Sigourney Weaver. This kind of film generally runs on a mix of suspense (when will the killer pop up next?) and sadism (how will the victims get killed?). But here suspense is abandoned, and Jason is on-screen so long you get sick of seeing him—and sick of the poorly staged slasher-film tricks. Even the endless gore is just hack and skewer. It's all pretty low-grade, even by late-night cable standards. Would I watch it at 3 AM if plagued by insomnia? Not for long. Directed by James Isaac. 93 min.


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